Camp and Retreat E-News: Gratitude: Expressing my Thankfulness

October 09, 2019


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Reflections on values with Camp & Retreat Ministries

Gratitude:Expressing my Thankfulness 

 Value 6: Gratitude

By Larry Haley, Former Director of Sawtooth Camp

This past summer, May-September, I, with my wife Kay by my side, had the blessing of serving as the director of Sawtooth UM Camp. Over 20 individual groups were our guests at camp, each arriving with smiles on their faces, full of excitement about the many adventures the following days would bring.
Our staff works behind the scenes, accomplishing the work necessary to have the camp ready for each group, often with short turn around. Our mission is to create quality environments of Christian hospitality and learning. We hope that this work creates minimal distraction for our groups, so they can have assurance that the time they spend with us is fashioned uniquely for them.
Over half of our groups were church sponsored! It is meaningful for us to know that the place where so many people in the United Methodist Church choose to come and have their “mountaintop experience,” is near the end of a road, 35 miles (25 gravel) from the nearest town (about 450 population). Campers, volunteers and staff have been coming to this place since 1949. One woman proudly informed me this summer that in 1949 her MYF group rode from Twin Falls, ID on the bed of a flat-bed truck, a distance of about 100 miles to the camp.  At that time, it was almost entirely a dirt/gravel road. Today we would consider that ride a hardship (not to mention dangerous), but for her it was a fond memory for which she is grateful.
We are grateful for each group who chooses Sawtooth, both church and non-church affiliated. Our sincere hope is that each person who visits us will experience the sacredness of this place and share with others the opportunity to experience the grace of God that Sawtooth has to offer through community and creation. 


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