Camp and Retreat E-News: Finding a Calling

March 04, 2020


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Reflections with Camp & Retreat Ministries

Finding a Calling

By Kate Vaden, Director at Camp Latgawa

“I believe there's a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware, and awakened, to answer the call.”

-Oprah Winfrey

I’ll be honest, up until very recently I felt a bit lost when it came to finding my calling. I grew up thinking that a calling was something clear, something that you were just born knowing. My dad felt a calling to ministry from a young age, and he was in ministry for the entirety of his career. My mom felt a call toward teaching and she has been teaching for over 30 years. I felt a calling toward…. something, but the picture wasn’t clear in my head. All the adults in my life seemed to feel a calling since before they even started school, so I was concerned when I wasn’t finding my way as easily as they had.

I knew that there were many things in life I was passionate about. I’m passionate about education, psychology, nature and camping. I also knew that a typical 8-5 office job could never be a long-term career for me, and a year and a half stint in such a job proved that point without a doubt. So I started to pray. I prayed for guidance, and I prayed for God to open doors where they needed to be open and to close doors in directions I didn’t need to go.

Fast forward to early 2020 when I realized that there would be an opening at Camp Latgawa. For the first time in my life I felt the pull toward something. The call was bigger than me, bigger than my fears and doubts, bigger than my concerns and questions. I knew that I had finally found my calling. Once I knew what I was called to do I knew I had to act. I prayed for strength, courage and wisdom to pursue what was in front of me. In the end, through the grace of God, I finally found what I had been searching for my whole life.

I hope that, if there is someone out there struggling to find their calling, they now know that a calling isn’t necessarily something that you’re born with. Finding your calling will likely require a great deal of prayer, patience and trust. And I hope that when you finally find your calling that you find the courage to answer the call.

Kate Vaden

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