Progress on Gray Foundation

May 02, 2018

Progress Report: $11,885 of $17,500 for

Magruder Gray Family Foundation!

by Eric Conklin, Donor Relations and Communications

Since the last mention of the Gray Family Foundation 2 for 1 matching grant program at Magruder just over a month ago, you have helped us raise $3,490 for maintenance projects at Camp Magruder! Putting my math skills to the test, that not only put us well over the halfway mark (68%!), but leaves us with just $5,615 to raise before September!

On behalf of Camp Magruder, there are two things I would ask you to consider as you look at contributing to the program:

  1. Give now! I know that staff will have an even more amazing summer if they knew they could count on receiving those additional grant funds before their busiest time of the year! Lets get it done before summer starts!
  2. Bask in your accomplishments! Think of the good results you will be able to point to when you visit the camp that will make the camp an even more hospitable place! Here is a list of the proposed projects to be completed:
  • Remodel of Walworth Center ground floor as first aid station with modern heating and windows.
  • Complete energy efficient window replacement all around Carrier Dining Hall that had already begun in 2006.
  • Complete installation of heat pumps in Carrier Dining Hall to replace costly gas burning boiler
  • Repair damage and replace short term patchwork on Wetlands Trail bridge

Your generosity and support continue to inspire me! You put the "Elation" in Donor Relations!

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