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We are a people dedicated to Creating Sacred Spaces of Christian hospitality and learning. 

Our camps and retreat centers in Oregon & Idaho were purchased and developed primarily for the purpose of supporting and extending the ministries in our local churches.   

PROVIDING SPACE FOR CHURCHES TO GATHER ... for meetings or planning or just to be together. 

Temporary Community... Whether it is a leadership planning retreat or a church family retreat,   Camp & Retreat Centers provide a setting separate from daily routine where persons are freed to shed expectations and pressures where God can be part of the experience.

Contact the director of a retreat center near you to help plan a gathering to strengthen and renew the members of your congregation. 


Lifelong Friendships... Camps continue to be one of the best places for youth to connect with other youth and to discover the truth that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives.   Friendships forged through shared experience and the compressed time at camp can last a lifetime.  Many campers point back to experiences at camp that helped shape the direction of their lives.

Help the children or grandchildren in your community or congregation to experience camp.   You can help with financial assistance or by helping them to find the right camp for them.  Investing in a child's future will strengthen  your mission and ministry.   A gift of camp is a gift of love:  if you give it away... you end up having more! 

Questions?   Contact the registrar at 503-802-9214 to find out more.

10 Ways Camp and Retreat Ministry Contributes to the Missional Vitality of the Church – Reason One 

an article by Kevin Witt

This article ends with a video of Brian MacLaren:   The importance of Camp & Retreat Ministries.   


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