Creation Vacation--Nampa

Site: Sawtooth Camp

Dates: 7/31/2023 - 8/3/2023

Age Level: All Ages/Family

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Creation Vacation is a program of gift vacations for low income families.  The event provides relaxation, recreation, and renewal for families who otherwise would not have opportunity for a vacation.  Families will enjoy the awe and wonder of God’s creation as they experience the natural world of lake, forest, and associated wildlife.  With that awe and ecology learning activities comes increased awareness of our need to be good stewards of all creation.

What is Creation Vacation?

Creation Vacation offers very low-income families the opportunity to experience a few days of family vacation, enjoying a supportive community and the wonder of creation that we know as camp. For many, it is a respite from the struggles of daily life. Families are chosen by social service agencies working with them in their home communities.

Deans and local church volunteers meet the families throughout the year, preparing them for the time they will spend at camp through a series of Family Meetings, and following up after camp through continued contact as friends .

Creation Vacation offers churches an opportunity for building one-on-one relationships with people living in poverty in their communities. We know this to be true to our Wesleyan heritage and crucial in our time for the transformation of congregations and communities.

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Reflections from campers, shared by dean Rochelle Killett:

From one mom: "...while all of us are on our own journeys through life, we don't have time to stop and reflect on where we are and where we want to go.  Camp gives us time to reflect and evaluate what we have done and where we want to go."

An 8 year-old boy said he was amazed to learn so much about the outdoors as he never gets that chance in town.  He even learned to ride a bike without training wheels, a skill he was too embarrassed to try at home.

For a mom of 7, this is when she has time to herself while the kids are in activities, but it also gives her time to play with the kids while someone else takes care of meals.  Camp is really special in making her feel special and cared for.

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