Bible Discount Program & Confirmation Discounts

 United Methodist Church Connection

Getting a Bible, being confirmed and/or joining a United Methodist church are all significant times in the spiritual life of United Methodists and their families.  Camp & Retreat Ministries can help you strengthen the bonds and connections by providing experiential learning in a new setting.   We would like to encourage participation at camp in the summer that follows one of these milestones by offering a few special camperships for these individuals:

BIBLE DISCOUNT:   Presentation of a bible in church for 3rd graders has been a traditional and powerful marker for many children.  It is one of the first events in a young child’s life since Baptism that a spiritual practice (reading the Scriptures) is celebrated in worship. Your camps have introduced a campership program to tie the “presentation of the Bible” year for children with an invitation to experience Christian community at camp.  

The Bible Discount is good for ½ the cost of any elementary camp for the child receiving the Bible, or that child’s price at a Family Camp.  Mostly these will be 3rd grade events, but we recognize that some churches may also include 2nd or 4th graders, so we’ll be flexible on that if you’ll clearly   communicate with us.  This is a personal, intentional gift to these learners and is not transferable to someone else or for another year.  (If bibles are given out in the fall, the campership will be granted for the following summer.)

Bookmarks are available from the camping office that can be given to each child receiving a Bible this year. An explanation for parents with instructions is also available.

CONFIRMATION or NEW MEMBER DISCOUNT:  Like the bible presentation, confirmation of youth or new membership of adults is a significant time.   We offer the confirmands or new members a discount of 10% discount for one camping event for the individual.  This would apply only for camping events registered through the camping office.  (Does not apply to local church retreats.)


  • Call or email the camping office  and request bookmarks for each child receiving their Bible this year or certificates for new confirmands or members. 
  • Parents contact the camp registrar to have the discount applied.
  • Church must send list of names to the camp registrar (Holly Dolan) in the camping office.   We need a list from the church in order for the discount request to be honored.

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