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Camp and Retreat Ministries' Mission Statement

We are a people dedicated to Creating Sacred Spaces of Christian hospitality and learning.

We nurture persons so they may...

  • Grow in wisdom and in healthy self-esteem.
  • Develop lifestyles of loving interdependence with each other and all of creation.
  • Affirm and expand their faith in God and their service as Christian disciples within God's world.

We serve religiously affiliated groups, schools and educational bodies, families, service organizations and other non-profit groups who enrich life in the world.


Our Statement of Inclusion

The Board of Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Oregon-Idaho Conference of the United Methodist Church considers all people to be children of God and is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, gender identity or expression. The Board is fully devoted to inclusiveness in order to provide quality environments of Christian hospitality and learning to campers, guests and staff while complying with all Federal, Oregon, and Idaho state laws.

The Board of Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church adopted this statement of inclusion in March of 2019.  This statement made clear the way that we have been operating for years at our sites and it was in response to General Conference 2019.

                   More about our Mission

Video: The Gift and Purpose of Camp and Retreat Ministries

Featuring Executive Director, Todd Bartlett.

Includes amazing drone footage of Suttle Lake Camp and Alton L. Collins Retreat Center!

How Does Camp Ministry Fit into the Wesleyan Tradition?

We follow John Wesley's lead

First and foremost, we strive to continue the unique ministry started by John Wesley.

Read Kevin Witt's article. It begins: "It is no accident that the United Methodist Church has developed a large network of Camp and Retreat Centers..."

What Do We Offer?

We offer:

  • Quality Christian education and spiritual growth for children, youth, and adults
  • Extensive training to all our counselors and deans as mandated by our camp policies.
  • A nationally recognized Christian camp curriculum that is used at most of our Summer camps.
  • Appropriate and meaningful activities, studies, and discussions.
  • Crafts, hikes, water sports, Bible study-all camp activities are designed for the needs of the camp's age group.
  • Healthy and delicious meals prepared by professional food service staff that can accommodate special dietary needs (with advance notice).
  • Safe and healthy experiences.
  • Red Cross-trained or professional health care providers for all Camp and Retreat Ministries summer programs.
  • Facilities and programs that conform to nationally recognized risk management standards.
  • Many programs and facilities that are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), whose health and safety requirements are considered nationwide to be the industry standard for excellence.

What Do We Value?

We value:

  • Faith formation

    We exist because people yearn for God and a spiritual center. People long to experience the love of Christ.

  • Volunteers

    We value volunteers in all aspects of our ministries. We enable and depend on people to contribute their gifts, time and energy in ways that truly make a difference.

  • Excellence

    We provide high quality, effective, responsive ministries because those we serve and those who support us count on us to do so.

  • Compassion

    We care deeply about all God's children and are motivated by God's love to bring hope, love, and joy to people of all ages and to people in need.

  • Leadership

    We encourage innovative approaches that creatively leverage the skills, knowledge and resources entrusted to us.

  • Teamwork

    We value partnerships and collaboration with others who share a common mission.

    We develop teams with Board and staff, donors and volunteers, parents, campers, UM churches, other Christian denominations, faith-based organizations, community groups, and schools.

  • Care for the Earth

    It matters that we are "Outdoor Ministries"!

    We value the spiritual, Biblical roots of our faith regarding the sacredness of creation and stewardship as vital to discipleship.

What is Our Goal?

Please read our Mission Statement. Our goal is to send you home with:

  • A greater awareness of God's love
  • An appreciation of sanctuary in God's creation
  • Renewal and regeneration
  • Friendships and connections
  • Great memories
  • A deepened faith

What can we do to be in service with you?

We're your partners... talk with us.

We can help as you make the decision about the best camp and retreat experience for you or your family or group. We can work with you to create an event, and we can talk with you about financial help if you need it. Let us know.


Also, visit our sister sites north and south of us, doing amazing ministries in Washington, North Idaho, California. and Nevada!


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