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Camp and Retreat Ministries is a partnership between the United Methodist Church of Oregon and Idaho and the Oregon Diocese of the Episcopal Church. Let us know how we can serve you!

Who we are:

We are people dedicated to creating quality environments of Christian hospitality and learning.

We nurture persons so they may...

  • Grow in wisdom and in healthy self-esteem.
  • Develop lifestyles of loving interdependence with each other and all of creation.
  • Affirm and expand their faith in God and their service as Christian disciples within God's world.

We serve religiously affiliated groups, schools and educational bodies, families, service organizations and other non-profit groups who enrich life in the world.

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Also, visit our sister sites north and south of us, doing amazing ministries in Washington, North Idaho, California. and Nevada!

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Upcoming Events

Title Dates
Spark! Igniting Heart, Mind and Soul for Leadership 2/25/2019 - 3/4/2020
Living with Authenticity, Integrity and Courage 3/7/2019 - 3/9/2019
Cascadia and Columbia Districts UMW Spiritual Retreat 3/22/2019 - 3/23/2019
Spring Volunteer Work Days 3/30/2019 - 5/4/2019
Leadership & Counselor Training 4/5/2019 - 4/7/2019
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Camp and Retreat E-News: Suttle Lake Enjoys Winter Youth Retreat II

The second Winter Youth Retreat at Suttle Lake was a fun and meaningful gathering of 55 youth and leaders over President's Day Weekend.

Camp and Retreat E-News: Through Challenges and Difficulty, God Gives Us Hope

When it becomes natural for campers to face the difficult challenges in their lives, they are able to develop a sense of what it means live out their Christian ...

Camp and Retreat E-News: Join Us for Camp Leadership and Counselor Training

Camp Leadership and Counselor Training will be held at Camp Magruder April 5-7.

Camp and Retreat E-News: Slow Down, Be still, and Open Yourself to Wonder

How do our camps encourage “wonder?” How do we remind people to be in awe, to marvel, and to be amazed and astonished? We offer safe spaces to slow down, focus ...
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