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Successful Summer Sessions

Summer 2021 was filled with many wonderful experiences for campers, staff, and donors as we stepped into the challenges of operating our six Oregon-Idaho sites under the shadow of COVID.  We knew going into the summer that we would have lower numbers because we limited our numbers in accordance with guidelines that were designed to bring about healthy outcomes for everyone involved. As of the end of August, we have had no reported cases of COVID transmission due to our activities, and we had only one verifiable case of a camper who arrived with a possible contact with another who tested positive for the virus. Because we had established protocols that we followed as did the group that we were hosting, this person was quarantined upon arrival along with two travelling companions and then was moved off-site as soon as was possible. Because we had plans and processes, we could follow them and assist everyone in as healthy an outcome as possible.

When it comes to our mission of creating sacred spaces of Christian hospitality and learning, we stepped into the summer with this mission in mind, and we fulfilled it by welcoming more than 600 campers and volunteers. We received notes and letters from campers and parents telling us that this was the best summer camp experience they had ever had. We saw strong bonds develop between campers as they engaged in meaningful conversation around the curriculum, “This Is Our Prayer”. We saw incredible artistic expressions of this on prayer flags, prayer rocks, and prayer tiles, and campers who know more about prayer and what it means to one’s relationship with Jesus and the Divine.

The staff at all of our sites met the many challenges with grace and compassion. Where we were unable to hire staff, volunteers stepped in and saved the day! And when our call for financial support went out, donors also responded by making gifts that supported the mission and how that mission changes the lives of young and old.

We are grateful to you and the many different roles that you played in this summer’s successful completion.  Thank you and thank God for the wonder, beauty, and love that is expressed in all six of our sites.


Todd Bartlett

Executive Director, Camp and Retreat Ministries

Camp and Retreat Ministries is a partnership between the United Methodist Church of Oregon and Idaho and the Oregon Diocese of the Episcopal Church. Let us know how we can serve you!

Who we are:

Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Oregon-Idaho Conference of the United Methodist Church Mission Statement.  

We are people dedicated to creating sacred spaces of Christian hospitality and learning.

We offer these spaces so that people may…

· Experience God’s love
· Engage with creation
· Develop loving interdependence with each other and the Earth
· Act with justice* in the world

Vision: A world of wonder, love, and justice

      We serve individuals, families, educational institutions, religiously affiliated groups, social service agencies, community service organizations, and other nonprofit organizations that enrich life in the world.

      *Dr. Cornell West says, “justice is what love looks like in public.”

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