Geneva Cook Named Camp and Retreat Ministries Accountant

September 14, 2017

Camp and Retreat Ministries is pleased to announce that Geneva Cook, who has been the registrar for 21 years, has been hired as the accountant for Camp and Retreat Ministries. Geneva has served with five executive directors during her time as the registrar. She has supported tens of thousands of campers and retreatants, assisted countless parents with their questions, worked with many volunteers and dozens of site directors.

At the end of August Janice Repin completed her work with us as the accountant for Camp and Retreat Ministries. After a search with very specific parameters in mind, we focused on two persons whom we believed would contribute to the mission of this ministry well. Out of that process Geneva was hired. Some of the skills we were looking for were: organization, attention to detail, knowledge of our sites and our staff and the software programs that we use, as well as a deep love for Camp and Retreat Ministries. Geneva has demonstrated all of this in her role as the registrar. Her love for the ministry began as a camper in her childhood and has remained strong throughout her life.

This staff position is a key bridge between Camp and Retreat Ministries and the Oregon-Idaho Conference Office of Finance and Administration because the Conference Treasurer is also the treasurer for Camp and Retreat Ministries. This means that Geneva will work closely with: Dan Wilson-Fey, Conference Treasurer; Sandra Reinemer, Assistant Treasurer/Controller; Lisa Pronovost, Human Resources; Andrea Cooper, Accounts Receivable. Geneva becomes the link between these staff and all of the site directors, the executive director, Todd Bartlett, and our donor relations staff member Eric Conklin.

When you have the opportunity please send a note to Geneva to wish her well in this new role.  She can be reached at

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